Hail To The Redskins

Damn I am blessed! My ex-wife's name recently came off the Redskins season ticket waiting list and was awarded with two upper level seats on the right 20 yard line, Redskins side, at FedEx Field. I already have a single lower level seat on the left 20 yard line, Redskins side, for 4 seasons. But with a single, it was hard to take someone else to the game. Back a few years ago, I put my then wife's name on the waiting list just so I could obtain as many season tickets as I could afford. Well my plan worked. I of course pay for the two new seats, having always intended to do so, cause the Ex could care less about football. Since we are divorced, I'll have the tickets transferred into my name. Now I can take my brother to a game when he comes into town, and I don't have to scrounge around the internet for the best price on Redskin's tickets.