Facial Hair Art & Beard Team USA

Atom III
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I came up with this brilliant idea while I viewed a friends photography art exhibit of "facial hair art". I would grow a beard, then cut it into a specific style. Then my friend would come take a picture of my facial hair. After a series of shots of different facial hair "configurations", as I like to call them, the pictures would become her next exhibit at an art show. The idea was genius. It was one of the very few good creative ideas I've had in my life. Wouldn't you know it, my artist friend thought it was a brilliant idea. It's a collaboration.

It turns out the pictures have had themes. The one in this blog entry is a Teddy Roosevelt or 19th century safari expedition theme. It was my first Rollie Fingers style handlebar moustache. Check out what the collaboration has produced so far-http://www.flickr.com/photos/angelakleis/sets/72157601595879753/

In the midst of all this, I read an article about the World Beard and Moustache Championships and Beard Team USA. I thought to myself "what a coincidence. Here I am working on a facial hair art exhibit and there is a competition out there for facial hair. I must find out more." Well I did, and now you are looking at the newest member of Beard Team USA. The next championship is May 23, 2009 in Alaska. That's plenty of time to grow something curly and crazy for the competition. For more details on the World Beard and Moustache Championships and Beard Team USA visit http://www.beardteamusa.org/.


Mii love Wii

Chronic and I got a Wii (pronounced "we") for Christmas. If you haven't heard of the Wii then you must live on another planet. What is Wii? It's a video game system, but not for the hardcore gamer types. It's interactive. It's addictive. It's for everyone. I'll let Nintendo give you all the details-http://www.nintendo.com/wii/what. You can create your own Wii character that looks like you, called a Mii (pronounced "me"). My Mii is my Blogger profile pic and Chronic's Mii looks like this: