Piss Off

My neighbor on the first floor told me the other day that he doesn't like my dog pissing on the tree in front of his porch. We live in condos, and all the outside area of the building excluding his actual porch is common area. The grass, the trees, the sidewalk - all common area. He doesn't control it. The property manager and condo association controls it. The dude, who looks to be at least 15 years older than me, has never owned a dog in his life. I know this because I asked him that very question.

The dog pisses on the same tree almost every time he's walked because he is a male dog marking his territory, a well known and well documented fact about male dogs. Something I assumed even non-dog owners knew, but assumptions rarely hold water. There are no condo association rules that deal with canine urination. Common courtesy says dogs shouldn't do their business in your yard or on your porch, but that's not the issue here. The neighbors entire argument is that he doesn't like the dog pissing anywhere near his porch. Well dude, tough shit.


The Late Show With David Letterman

Jennifer and I got tickets to Letterman. We'll be in the audience for the Monday, April 10th broadcast, which is the same day it's taped. This experience is on my list of "Things I Want To Do Before I Die." Also on that list is attending the Superbowl (preferrably with the Redskins playing in the game), attending a major prize fight, attending a performance of SNL and having children. The list is in no particular order.


My Emotional Tampon

I thought I might carve out my own space on the internet. I'm definitely not going to compete with all the MySpace douchebags (Jennifer, Pedro and Pablo excluded). And I don't care if anyone sees this website. Who knows how often I'll post? Maybe never, if you're lucky. It's just my own personal spot on the information superhighway.