Get Unlisted

I've been a privacy advocate for a long time. Admittedly that sounds hypocritical since Google has enough of my personal information to clone me, but I digress. If you want to take control of your personal information, Catalog Choice has a new service for you. On September 27th, they will be unveiling their Unlisting Service. Get all the details at their blog post Get Unlisted. For a $20 donation, their staff will act as your Agent to contact Third Party Marketing companies and Personal Search services and go through the process to opt you out of their systems.  Most of these companies have made the opt-out process complicated so you won’t do it.  But Catalog Choice knows you want to suppress your name from their systems, so like a valet, they do the work for you. I think $20 is not a lot to ask to stop getting junk mail and to go "unlisted". 
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