Metro Is Stinking Up the Joint

The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority issued a press release on December 14, 2006 called "Metro makes commuting more enjoyable". How is WMATA going to do that? "Musicians, dancers, thespians and other artists will perform at Metrorail station entrances next spring as part of MetroPerforms!, a one-year pilot program designed to showcase the talents of area performers. The program, developed in partnership with arts councils served by Metro, will enhance the experience of transit users and pedestrians." I know what you're thinking "That sounds (pun intended) awesome!" NOT. My suggestion to enhance the experience of transit users and pedestrians would be to make the stations smell better. The stations stink. I'm a daily Metro commuter and the Rosslyn station either smells like thousands of rotting fish or burning tires. I've literally vomited in my mouth more than once. The smell is unbearable. Want to improve the experience of transit users? Drop a 10 megaton potpourri bomb in the stations. Just my $.02.