Rage Against the Machine, pt. 4.5

This post is long overdue, but with the holidays and travel, I'm finally getting around to posting it. After a week of running the computer "Hot Rod" style, we got around to playing a DVD. After about 30 seconds, the playback froze. I then tried another movie and the same thing happened. Before the motherboard replacement movies played back without issues. I thought it was the video playback software, so I attempted to upgrade the OEM software. Due to the fact that motherboard was a replacement and each board has it's own unique ID, the OEM software didn't recognize my computer as the computer it was originally installed on. Frustrated, I downloaded a 3rd party video player, ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum figuring that would solve the problem. But it didn't. Playback froze using it as well. I took the computer back to Micro Center for rework. After some thorough troubleshooting, it was found that the port on the motherboard which the optical drive was connected to was bad. The replacement motherboard was a lemon! The replacement motherboard was again replaced this time at no cost, just the time without the computer. Third boards a charm I hope. Disc playback now works without error. We are back to enjoying some sweet Blu-ray movies. The HTPC is now fully functional again. Keep your fingers crossed!
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News from Dudeism.com for all our Ordained Dudeist Priests

Howdy Dudes,

This is just another friendly hello to tell you about new stuff that's going on over at Dudeism.

1) First off, the Tao Dude Ching (http://dudeism.com/tao) has been renamed "The Dude De Ching" and is now available in print format for a low price. We renamed it to avoid confusing it with our upcoming book "The Tao of the Dude".
You can order The Dude De Ching here: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-dude-de-ching/8059795

Note that the entire $2 royalty we earn will go into a fund that will be charitably donated via the website www.kiva.org. The print version is illustrated by award-winning mystery novelist and cartoonist Colin Cotterill (www.colincotterill.com).

2) We've engineered a free software program that helps you take it easy! The Dudeism Pop-Up Relaxation Reminder reminds you to take regular breaks while at the computer in order to keep your mind limber. You can download that here:

3) We've also come up with some cool new tee-shirt and sweatshirt designs. If you hurry you can still get some in time for Christmas. Give a Dudeist gift to someone you dig:

Note that there's other groovy Xmas ideas at our Prinfection and Cafepress stores - visit our store (http://dudeism.com/store.html) and scroll down for the links. The beer mugs at Printfection are especially nice.

4) A friendly bunch of Brits are going to be headed around the States starting in December putting together a documentary on Dudeism. If you'd like to be featured in the film or just know more about it, please visit them at their website: http://www.adudesodyssey.com

5) Lots of people have been asking us about the Ordained Minister ID cards shown in the famous Dudeism VW commercial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYUD6vs0pg4). We plan to have those ready for order next month, along with some other cool new stuff. We'll let you know soon when it's all up and running.

Also, if you haven't checked out the Dudespaper (http://dudespaper.com) in a while, please do. There have been a lot of great contributions from die-hard Dudeists all over the world.

Take er easy,
Rev. Oliver Benjamin
The Dudely Lama of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude


The Redskins Are Such A Tease

Check out this email the Redskins sent me. The subject is "Redskins Recruit New Powerhouse".  At first glance I'm thinking "Holy shit, they fired Vinny and hired a real GM!" Then I click on the video. It's a promotion for Audi. What a cock tease. Assholes.

Washington Redskins

Today the Washington Redskins appointed a new leader that will strengthen the team with speed, control, spirit and drive.

As a passionate fan, we invite you to experience firsthand what this means for the future of the Washington Redskins.

Click on the video or personalized link below to view this special message:

Play Video                                             

Washington Redskins
The Washington Redskins
21300 Redskins Park Drive
Ashburn, Virginia 20147


Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships

To all members, fans, and friends of Beard Team USA:

The first ever Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships will take place on Saturday, May 36, 2010, in Bend, Oregon [I got the state right :0) -ed].

Bend was selected from over 25 communities, resorts, and hotels -- ranging from Las Vegas to Peoria -- submitting bids to host the championships. Bend has pledged full community support for this extraordinary event.

Located on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon, Bend offers fly-fishing, rafting, golf, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and possibly even late season skiing and snowboarding at nearby Mount Bachelor. Did I mention beer? Bend is the home of seven microbreweries including the famous Deschutes Brewery practically next door to the Les Schwab Amphitheater where the competiton will take place.

There will be competition in four separate categories designed to include everyone. The winner in each category will walk away with a cool $1000. So that everyone gets a shot at the cash, the fifth $1000 prize will go to a contestant selected at random.

Here are the categories:

1. Best moustache. Beards are allowed in this category but the contestants will be judged on their moustaches only;
2. Best partial beard. Includes goatees, van dykes, sideburns, musketeers, etc.;
3. Best full beard. Styling aids are permitted;
4. Freestyle. Anything goes. Anything. Be creative.

The date?? It's May 36. Purists will insist that it is actually June 5, but since I have been promising for months that the Nats will be in May, I am sticking with May 36 for now.

The championships will take place in conjunction with the 8th Annual Balloons over Bend hot air balloon festival.

Stay tuned for information on registration, lodging options, transportation from the airport in Portland, and everything else you will need to know.

For now all members of Beard Team USA are asked to:

1. Make plans to be in Bend on May 36;
2. Tell everyone they know about the BTUSA Nationals;
3. Keep growing their beards and moustaches for America.

Phil Olsen
Founder and self-appointed captain
Beard Team USA