Cashing Out

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Microsoft announced that it will no longer offer Microsoft Money for purchase after June 30, 2009. Microsoft gives their reason in the FAQs
The category of personal financial management software has changed considerably in the 17 years since Money was first established. As more users shift their attention to full-service offerings provided by banks and brokerages, demand for a comprehensive personal finance toolset has declined.
Why am I blogging about this? Because I've used Money for years to manage my family's personal finances. I love the program. At its heyday Money effectively took over all one’s financial management tasks: it was no longer a system of record, but the primary interface to pay bills from, transfer between accounts, etc – especially when paired with the few excellent banks specializing in Online Finance. I also use Bank of America's online banking, but it's not a full-service financial management offering. You can't enter in future transactions to forecast your finances. This is going to force me to try web based financial management software. I've been following the online offerings, i.e. Rudder, Wesabe and Mint. I'll give them a try and pick the one that works best for me. I'm excited because there is a lot of buzz around these products. Thanks Money, its been a good run, but your time has come. You've served me well.

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I've always thought dressing up pets in clothes or costumes is taking pet ownership way to far. I imagine the pets hate it. That's always been my biggest concern, that the pets feel stupid and humiliated. Well, now I have proof that my theory is correct. Bridget Pilloud, pet psychic, told the Boston Globe that dogs do not, in fact, enjoy or appreciate being dressed up in little costumes. "They think clothes are silly and that they cause people to see them as cute instead of seeing their true nature." Yes, that is my dog, Solace, with antlers on. It was the wife's idea. Poor bastard.

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More Grooming

Back in April, I did some blog "grooming". Now it's time for a whole new look. It's a beard friendly redesign. The new layout really helps to accentuate the theme of this blog. You can find a blog layout for almost any theme. Tell me what you think.


It was time for a blog facelift. I've changed the layout and streamlined the design. I think it looks modern and mature. The old design looked amateur. Tell me what you think of the redesign.


Beard Team USA News

Here's the latest from BTUSA's founder and self-appointed captain, Phil Olsen:

Report from Anchorage:

Wow! America is the new world superpower in international bearding, thanks to Beard Team USA! For the first time in history, Germany failed to dominate the World Beard Beard and Moustache Championships held in Anchorage on May 23. BTUSA members succeeded in capturing 19 trophies including 10 world championships.

What a great time we had in Anchorage! If you were there, thanks for coming and participating. If you weren't there, we missed you. If you won a trophy, congratulations. If you didn't win a trohpy, I am sure you will agree that you won just by being there.

As you can imagine, our membership numbers have soared in the wake of the WBMC in Anchorage. America's team now has over 1200 proud members growing beards for America.

Splitting Hairs:

Splitting Hairs, the documentary film about the world championships in Berlin in 2005, has been accepted for showing at the prestigious Silverdocs film festival in Silver Spring, Maryland (Just outside Washington, D.C.) on June 18. After the screening, I will be presiding over a fun beard contest (three categories -- moustache, partial, and full) for the entertainment of those at the screening. Any members who can make it should plan on being there. Email me if you are considering coming. Check out www.silverdocs.com. [I'm gonna try and attend the screening; it depends on Shock Jr.'s status -Shock]

Beard Team USA Nationals:

Plans are under way for the Beard Team USA Nationals next May. Possible locations include Las Vegas, Austin, San Francisco, and New York. Plan on being there! [I do plan to attend! -Shock]

I still have not heard from the WBMA about our proposal to allow the participants in the WBMC to vote on association matters. I will keep you posted.

Phil Olsen
Founder and self-appointed captain
Beard Team USA

Beard & Moustache Poetry

Some dudes were shooting video outside the NYCBMC event. The volunteer participants read poetry related to beards and mustaches. I was one of them. My reading didn't make the final cut of the three minute video, Behold This Swarthy Face. It only took three months for them to finish the project, which is a blistering pace of one minute per month. But it is in HD.

Behold This Swarthy Face from Room5Films on Vimeo.