Poor Judgement

There is this amusing website called "Hot Chicks with Douchebags". The companion book hit bookshelves in July. the website caustically lampoons male clubgoers and the women with whom they are photographed. The rampant "douchebaggery" displayed on the website makes me feel good about myself. Three "hot chicks" whose pics are in the book filed a lawsuit in New Jersey. The lawsuit says they have been forced to undergo medical treatment and psychological therapy, and have suffered financial damages as a result of their inclusion in the book. Yeah, right. They claim that the "vulgar" title has unfairly tarred them as "females who date dubious men." We'll aren't they? My advise is stop dating douchebags. If you familiarize yourself with the website, you'll easily spot the douchebags in the crowd. From what I can tell, all "hot chicks" date douchebags. What I want to know is how all the pics of hot chicks with douchebags get snagged for the website? Shout out to the Gator, member of the Douchebag Hall of Fame.

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