"Beards...They Grow On You"

The title of this post is my new motto. Lots of "beards are back" in the news of late. MSNBC looks at the current full-grown trend (pun intended) in this article. My favorite quote in the article epitomizes why I'm a 'beardsman'-
“For some it’s a trend, but for others it’s a way of life and simply self-expression,” [Paul Roof, assistant professor of sociology at Charleston Southern University in South Carolina] says. “At the heart of the revival, I think, is the ‘reclaiming of masculinity.’ Beards are a direct backlash against metrosexuality and the feminization of modern man. But beards are also the only accessory route that men have — the only way men can change their looks.”
Be sure to check out the video featuring MSNBC's Willie Geist with Beard Team USA member Matt Saccoman who is organizing the New York City Beard and Moustache Championships in Brooklyn on March 14. I've also submitted this post pic to the MSNBC "Return of a Hairy Trend" First Person gallery. I'll keep you posted when it gets posted.

Fellow hirsute pogonologist and blogger furface posted a comment to this very blog regarding the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships. Furface is member of the Alaska Beard and Moustache Club and host of this years competition. He's also created a blog where he encourages beardsmen and wannabeardees to "lay some smack about the event".

I've added a whole host of new beard links in the links section.

Check out the cool WBMC logo:

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