Landlines Are Losing Popularity

I read an article in the newspaper about the slow death of landline phones. According to a CDC study released Wednesday, about 20% of US households use only mobile phones. Our household is one of them. For the first time, the number of US households opting for only mobile phones outnumbers those that just have traditional landlines, 17%, in a high tech shift accelerated by the recession. That ratio has changed starkly in recent years: In the first six months of 2003, just 3% of households were wireless only, while 43% stuck to landlines. Fifteen percent of households have both landlines and mobile phones, but rarely take calls on the landlines. Seems like a big waste of money. Our household hasn't had a landline since 2002. I know two people that don't have a mobile phone. It seems like an outdated way to live, but who am I to judge?