Brand Shock Beard Wine

A friend of mine sent me this picture with the note "didn't know you  had done bearding modeling! ;)". I was young and needed the money. This sweet elixir made from fermented grapes is sold at Trader JoesHe replied "BTW - it was pretty good wine.  Good job maintaining "Brand Shock" as a premium brand." To which I replied "When Joe called and asked if he could market "brand Shock" elixirs in his supermarkets, I said my wine is drank by the same demographic as Cristal. He ordered 10000 cases immediately." My friend, who started his career in marketing, then replied "Thats the plan - D&D - Dismiss & Distinguish Dismiss the competition and Distinguish your brand as the top. That is Marketing 101 and that is Brand Shock!" If you're interested, here's the details of "Dr. Jebediah Drinkwell's Meritage". 

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